Total Ingredient Shopping List for Health, Performance & Muscle Building

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Shopping List For High Performance, Health & Muscle Building

Corey Boutwell


  • To educate you on what is good for you

  • To help you make better food choices

  • To be specific on your food choices

  • To prevent food wastage and save money

  • To give you a list of elite ingredients for health, performance and building muscle


This shopping list is a list I have found that works for me, it is not recommended for everyone. However, if you are someone that wants to improve your health, decrease your inflammation, live longer and also want to spend less on shopping, this list will be perfect for you.

Try using this shopping list and only food in this shopping list for a few weeks and let me know how you go (

This shopping list supports a high fat low carb diet with a focus on the benefits and importance of Omega 3's. Enjoy.

Omega 3’s

As part of how you’re going to eat on this diet, I have found omega 3’s are the most important and effective for all results.

There is a genius is simplicity and being mindful of the little things and omega 3’s are it.

Below is a list of primary and secondary omega 3 sources. They will make up the bulk of your diet every single day.

If you take one thing from this diet, take the habit of eating omega 3 foods every day for almost every meal.

Omega 3’s are essential for the human brain to work properly. Without a really high level of omega 3’s in our diet our brain starts to age and impairs brain function. Even just having lower levels does this. The brain is made up of 60-70% fat, hence why we need so much.

Omega 3’s are also extremely high in anti-inflammatories and removing toxins from the body.

Inflammation is necessary for building muscle initially but prolonged inflammation can prevent the muscle from healing properly causing toxins to build up.

Omega 3’s can help flush the system and bring the right nutrients to the areas needed to heal them as best as possible.

What is the most important thing when building muscle? Allowing the muscle to heal and recover properly.

A brain that is lacking in omega 3’s and is not working properly will not heal the body as best as possible and due to a lack of omega 3’s the muscles inflammation and toxin removal process also declines.

To build muscle, be healthy, recover like a champ and perform above expectations, get your omega 3’s in.

Essential: Start YOUR morning with an Omega 3 rich meal

To get in as many omega 3’s as you can, your first meal every single day should be rich in omega 3’s. For maximum performance try to include one of these options in every meal.

Here are the sources:



Omega 3’s, essential fats and protein, potassium, selenium, tastes amazing


Omega 3, super-rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium and protein

Chia Seeds

Rich in manganese, selenium, magnesium, and a few other nutrients


Highest in Omega 3’s, incredibly rich in vitamins and selenium


High in Omega 3’s, copper, manganese and vitamin E


Duck eggs - Or Omega 3 Eggs

Duck eggs are far superior to chicken eggs, higher in vitamin D, Omega 3, protein, other healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. They are also more easily farmed and ethical.


Essential fats, fibre, B vitamins, makes you feel full, potassium, folate, energy, helps lower cholesterol.

Olive Oil - Fresh Cold Pressed

HUGE anti-inflammatory product, rich in the best quality fats, HUGE amounts of antioxidants and superfood. High in Omega 3's, especially in DHA which has epic brain healing and performance effects. Olive oil goes off in a couple of months *must be cold pressed and fresh the rest of the stuff you get in supermarkets may taste fine but may be rancid.

Barramundi (and other white fish)

Low in overall fats but high in omega 3, easily digestible, very high in protein, tastes amazing, local, vitamin D, very low in harmful chemicals.


Extremely lean, all wild-caught and sustainable, local produce, high in protein, excellent omega 3 ratio, high in iron, boosts the immune system, high in vitamin B, high in minerals.

Grass-Fed Butter

Omega 3’s, good source of CLA, supports heart health, boosts weight loss, protects and improves eyesight, tastes amazing.

Grass Fed Steak

High quality protein, high in vitamin E’s, A’s and B’s, iron and zinc, high in creatine and has a better fat profile than grain fed, higher in Omega 3’s.

Vegetables - Nutrients


Essential fats, fibre, B vitamins, makes you feel full, potassium, folate, energy, lower cholesterol, delicious.


High beta - carotene, promotes vitamin A in the body, anti-cancer and high in antioxidants.

Purple Cabbage

So nutrient-dense, extreme vitamin C, powerful plant compounds, fights inflammation, heart health (anthocyanin), healthy bones > vitamin K, calcium manganese and zinc, anti-cancer properties and cost-effective.

Brussel Sprouts

High in fibre, antioxidants, so nutrient-dense > extremely high in vitamin C and K, ALA Omega 3’s, reduce inflammation, mixes great in stir-frys.

Green Beans

Heart-healthy, low fibre, lower LDL cholesterol, low sodium, low FODMAP (gas producing), contain protein, high in vitamins, high in calcium, iron, potassium and manganese.