What is NAD+, NMN and their role in increasing energy being and anti ageing powerhouses?

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What is NMN?

NMN the miraculous molecule that BOOSTS NAD+.

What is NAD+?

  1. NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme that plays a critical role in supporting many biological processes within your body

  2. Known as the “Fountain Of Youth” studies have shown an 80% improvement for energy production with ageing.

  3. Literally converts fats, carbs and proteins into energy and ATP

  4. Maintain cellular energy - youth levels

  5. NAD+ is responsible for:

  6. Require for ALL muscle contractions

  7. Use of organs

  8. Idea transmissions (literally your ideas)

  9. Ability for us to hear, listen and understand

  10. As we age NAD+ decreases rapidly, it just happens…….good thing NMN jacks up NAD+ to prevent your body from ageing poorly.

Essentially we all have to age, but we do not have to age old, we can age able to keep kicking ass physically, mentally and waking up with energy everyday. High NAD+ levels ensure this.

Up-regulating NAD+ has significant studies that show results in:

  1. Weight loss

  2. Improved energy

  3. Better sleep

  4. Protection against cancer

  5. Improved mood

  6. Increase physical output

  7. Reduced muscle ageing

NAD+ is converted from NMN hence, NMN is a precursor to NAD+. NAD+ is an anti ageing and high performance supplement, it reverses signs of ageing from inside your body.

NAD+ is crucial for the basic reactions in your cells that keep you alive, and it has many supportive health benefits.

As you age NAD+ declines, by the time you hit 50 years old your NAD levels decrease by 50%.

Niacin a.k.a. niagen or nicotinamide riboside (NR) is a form of vitamin B3 that also aids with the production and converts in the body to NAD+.

What does NAD+ do?

NAD+: 1. Supports healthy ageing by supercharging blood flow drastically improving fitness, cardio and muscle health

2. Makes cells resistant to stress and protects the brain

3. Helps DNA repair (damaged DNA causes ageing, inflammation, toxicity, oxidation and cancer)

4. Improves sleep, waking energy and control over eating


Energy in our bodies comes from eating food…. kind of. Our bodies still have to break down food into molecules, integrate those molecules with our cells. Furthermore, our cells have to be healthy enough to go through energy conversion processes which depend on DNA, cellular health and plenty of other factors.

Why is this important?

The Energy Process

  1. Our bodies digest and assimilate food so we can use it as energy

  2. On a cellular level food gets broken down so tiny that it can create the required cells our body needs

  3. For our cells to do their job and give us energy, they need to extract energy from the digested food

  4. NAD+ is what converts molecules and proteins into energy inside the cells

  5. As we age our blood vessels shrivel and start to die due decreasing NAD+, hence, healthy NAD+ levels have so many physical + anti ageing benefits

  6. NAD+ can help protect and increase the flow of blood in our ageing blood vessels

  7. We literally cannot function without NAD+ it is THAT important

  8. NAD+ increases the energy conversion on a cellular level in the body regardless of age, but as we age it is critical to support NAD+

NAD+ NADH Energy Conversion Cycle:

Process 1: NAD+ is constantly converting energy “picking” up energy (ions) molecules which then becomes NADH. Like turning a magnet on.

Process 2: NADH “drops” the energy off wherever it is required then turns into NAD+ again. Like turning a magnet off.

This critical process allows our enzymes and chemical reactions to work smoothly creating energy by digesting and using microscopic fuel to literally make your whole body thrive.

Reminder: when you get older the ability for this process declines.

Again: luckily there are things you can do to improve this.

Increasing NAD+

The very first and most simple thing you can do is to exercise. You must be exercising regardless. This increases NAD+ and increases SIRT1 pathways. Resistance training is primary and cardio is secondary. Preferably 80% resistance and 20% cardio.

SIRT1: This is your anti ageing pathway.

SIRT1 & NAD+ are the two things that make our cells healthy.

NAD+ boosts SIRT1 which allows communication to occur between blood vessels, muscles and increases growth promoting proteins.

To TRULY increase NAD+ you can take two supplements that are best taken together and that is:

  1. NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide)

  2. Resveratrol